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Sledding in Dubois, Wyoming

The Continental Divide trail system encompasses one of the largest mountain snowmobile riding areas in the West.  With close to a million acres of riding area between Togwottee Pass and Union Pass  you will find our riding area home to over 550 miles of groomed riding trails, unmatched with some of the most scenic, most diverse, and most consistent snow conditions in the world.

Snow conditions range from 1’ to 10’ feet of snow on the level across the riding area with elevations ranging from 6000 to 10,000 feet.  Over 300” of snow is common on these mountain passes.  Not only do we offer some of the best riding but also the longest season as well.  Our normal riding season starts mid December and lasts all the way till the end of April.  On some years we have had 3’ of powder as early as the first week of November.    Most riders know that November and December is preseason and extra caution needs to be taken so that you don’t hit stumps and rocks damaging your sleds.  Normally by Christmas time the whole mountain is fair game and concerns of damage to your sled are alleviated.  January and February are the best months to ride deep powder, but they are also the busiest months of riding as well.  With that being said unless you’re a guest and have to ride in and out of Togwottee Mtn Lodge everyday this mountain is big and vast and a lot of days you hardly see other riders.

All Services in Dubois can be found just blocks away from our Stagecoach Inn & Suites including Ethanol Free Gas, Food, Rentals, Guides, Shopping, local Watering Holes and much more.

Helpful Snowmobile Tips:

#1. By Staying at the Stagecoach you will be able to keep your winter vacation to a reasonable cost.  With our Stay 3 night get the 4th night Free it’s the best deal around.  Check availability and current pricing by selecting dates on our website.

#2. You will save money on all your gas from buying it in town as it is at least $1.00 less per gallon, local eateries are less too on average.

#3.  You have more options for food as there are several different restaurants within walking distance of our hotel.

#4.  By trailering to the mountain you’re not stuck hitting the same trail system every day to get to your favorite riding areas.  Depending on where you park for the day you can hit a completely different part of the mountain each and every day.